You Are Wasting Money On Google Ads

Ok, So you might have clicked this article because you might be wondering - Am i really saying this? Well here is the thing, This article is just focused on telling you how not to waste money on Adwords. You see this is a very big platform and one mistake can cost you! Lots of accounts i have managed and i see they all think it is facebook where you create 10-15 adsets. Google is more complex and if you do not know your way around, You get frustrated. So here are a few tips on what to do so you don't waste money! If you are thinking this blog disses Google AdWords, you’ve come to the wrong place! But, if you are facing the above problems and want to save money on your ad spend - Then read on!

Mistake 1: Too many keywords

The lesser the better. No matter what industry your account belongs to, if you have tried to cover more and more keywords into your campaign then just 6% of them would actually bring you conversions. Rest of the 94% would just spend around 76% of your total ad spend and not convert. Make sure you get relevant keywords and expand it using match types.

Mistake 2: Too Many Ad Copies

If you run Facebook ads, I know you love adSets ( AdGroups in Google Adwords) But trust me, Trust numbers not Creativity. I know what you are thinking right now! We are marketers and we are supposed to be creative while building ad copies to attract customers. Agreed, but try not to bombard your Adgroup with 6-8 ad copies! Remember you are in a serious Auction fight with many competitors. Creating more than 3 Ad copies in one Adgroup is a big mistake. Google will waste your money while optimizing the best performing! 1-3 unique ad copies will do! If you have over 100 products, Use google shopping. Google AdWords has this beautiful feature of A/B testing wherein you can decide the percentage of traffic/impressions that you want for each of your ad copies. Run this experiment for 7-15 days and analyze the results and you are likely to be amazed. You might get a completely new perspective!

Mistake 3: Not Using Negative Keywords

Depending on the type of Campaign you are running. If you are running a search and shopping campaign. Negative keyword is your best friend! Negative keywords can be added at campaign and ad group levels. Take a call based on your campaign structure and start saving money.

Example: Let’s say you own an online store for women’s designer shoes and you don’t offer any products in the trekking category. Now you would want to show up on searches like ‘women shoes’ but you definitely don’t want to show up on searches for ‘women’s trekking shoes’. In this situation, you can add ‘trekking’ as a negative keyword. This will ensure that you don’t spend a penny for a click that you know for a fact is not going to bring any revenue.

Here are some useful Tips

  • Don’t just copy paste the negative keywords across the campaigns, customize them based on targeted keywords and search terms

  • Don’t be aggressive while adding negative keywords, you might lose out on a lot of potential traffic - Please be careful so you do not cut your traffic

  • It is good to Maintain a separate spreadsheet to keep track of your negative traffic, this would ensure that no relevant keywords have been marked as negative by mistake

Mistake 4: You Are Not Using Proper Keyword Match Types!

As a Google advertiser should be familiar with the keyword match types that are being offered in Google AdWords. This helps in creating a robust campaign structure in the account, and in turn helps you grow your business. Use proper match types according to your needs. You do not know how to create match types? Well there are 3 keyword match types in google.

  1. Broad Match

  2. Phrase Match

  3. Exact Match

The Keyword Toaster Tool will help you create match types for your generated keywords. Try it! These are so far some of the mistakes most Adword users are making. Of course there are other mistakes but these ones are very common and we tend to miss it. Got comments... lets hear them.

Happy Adwords!

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