Using PayMaya As A Payment Gateway For Your Stores

Did you know that you can use Paymaya as a Payment gateway for your Shopify or WooCommerce stores? This feature from Paymaya makes it easy for you to accept payments and get it in your paymaya account.

A lot of filipinos use PayMaya and they will have no problem using this option if you offer it on your online store. So how do we get started with Paymaya. First is for shopify.


Installing it on shopify is easy. For one thing, this gateway is not listed on your online store options in shopify. You can install the PAYMAYA GATEWAY by clicking the link. Once you click that link, You will be asked to login your store and then you can now install the Gateway!

Now you can install the payment gateway. To test out this payment gateway you will need a Public-facing API key and a Shopify Token Key. You can get that by contacting Paymaya. But paymaya has provided a sample API keys for payment testing. So now you can go to settings > Payment gateway and then select paymaya

Now you can use the following tokens to test the gateway just as the picture below is showing.

Now you can test out the gateway using a test card provided by paymaya. This is to see if it is working before you start going over the activation process. What is a test card?

PayMaya Checkout performs cardholder authentication (3-D Secure) to make sure your customers are protected and minimize fraud. When you see the simulated card holder page, leave all of the fields blank and click Submit. On a real transaction, the card issuer’s bank cardholder authentication page appears asking for a verification method like an OTP (one-time password) or password. Once the cardholder authenticates, PayMaya Checkout processes the payment, and the customer gets redirected back to Shopify. That's it! With a few clicks, your Shopify store is ready to accept VISA and MasterCard payments. If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message.

Now your customers can now checkout on Shopify using their credit cards or Paymaya cards online.


If you run your store on WooCommerce, You can still process payments on your store using PayMaya as your payment gateway! The method is simple, You just need to install the Payment gateway plug in and you are good to go. To download the plugin. You can click this link to DOWNLOAD WOOCOMMERCE PLUGIN.


To use the Shopify in live mode you can get your own API Keys. To see the API documentation. Please click THIS LINK . Alternatively, for shopify store owners who are non developers. You can contact paymaya for assistance to get your tokens and APIs. The email is

I hope this helps you in your business growth. Leave your comments

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