Tired Of Generic Notification? Customize It!

Customer relationship is very important when it comes to a business and the way your customers react to your website depends on what they see! Pop ups can be annoying but that happens when it is not what they want to see! When they see what they want to see or the information they need the information you are trying to pass will be clear and useful.

We all know the traditional Someone from X bought Y...20mins ago. That old trend now and its not something new. In Fact, It is making your website look Spammy! I am not against that but i will not use it. This is why i use Nudge. With the Nidge app you can actually show notifications to your customers based on what page they are in. I mean you can add any type of notification that you would like to display to your customers. In this article, I will show you a simple app you can use for this.

The app is called Nudgify.

What can you do with this app. This app lets you display notifications based on pages and sections of your website. Example on the homepage you'd like to display " Free shipping on orders over $100" , Say on product page you'd like to display " Want it today? Order by HH:MM:SS" then on the cart page you'd like to display " Free 30 day returns". The idea is showing them information that will help them make decisions. So say you have installed this app. You will see something like this - A list of pages on your website that you can actually customize its notifications.

To customize notifications you just need to click on Edit and you will be able to see available templates and you can actually create your own notification! Say the homepage for example:

There are several notifications available. The free shipping notification, Returns and so much more. You can actually add yours by clicking the " + " sign and create your own notification:

There are lots of other formatting options like color, and even adding hyperlinks. Choosing icons and more. When you create your own custom notification. You can now save. Your list of notification will be available for you.

You can create as many notifications as you want for each page. To see the notifications in action, Click on preview:

Your website will open and the notifications will appear on the top right of your website. You can create unique notifications for each page on your website. Use this wisely!

What do you think of the Nudgify app? Share your comments

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