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Preparing to launch a new site is typically the most exciting part of a project but it can also be the most stressful. It took a while to really get a good feel for all the potential things that could go wrong during a launch and try to anticipate them ahead of time. I have come up with a simple launch checklist. Things you need to go through before you can finally launch your store! When launching your store there are two things, Its either you are launching a local store - By local i mean a store based in the Philippines and catering only for local Filipino shoppers as i am based in the Philippines or you are launching an international store!


Basically a lot of people ask how much is the capital needed to start a local ecommerce store, I always tell them you don't need 1 million pesos but you need enough to start. Remember on your first month you need much fund to be able to run your store especially marketing. So let us go over what you need to launch a local store, Including estimated costs!

1. SHOPIFY ACCOUNT - $13/Month Or Free ( 2 Months )

Basically this is the number one cost. A shopify store or account - Same tho. You cannot create a store without an account and that is cost $13/Month if you are in the Philippines. But you can start your first 2 months free by using this SPECIAL LINK


Basically, You need a domain. A domain is the radable address for your store. This can cost you anywhere from$10-$14/year or 2. You can check GODADDY


This is mostly free if you use themes from Shopify. There also paid themes


Payment gateway is a way for you to receive payments from your customers. Now if you are doing international dropshipping, You will need to set up stripe, Paypal or 2checkout to accept credit cards. But if you will launch a local store, This is LESS HASSLE, You just need to set up CASH ON DELIVERY GATEWAY.


Now you cannot set up a store without knowing what to sell right? So you need to do your research well! If you plan on catering for the local market you don't need to stress yourself. You can use our ECOM PRODUCT BUDDY research tool to find winning products to sell here in the Philippines.

If you plan on doing international dropshipping, There are a lot of resources you can use. I totally recommend the ECOM HUNT for your international dropshipping research


You don't want to launch an empty website! LOL. So before you move on you need to add necessary pages to your website. This will help the customers know that you are ready! Some of the pages you will be needing are

  1. About Us Page

  2. Contact Page

  3. Privacy Policy

  4. TOS

  5. FAQ Page

  6. Refund Policy

  7. Shipping Information Page

  8. Bonus - A Blog

These are little things but it goes a long way!


This might be the hard one but it is typically easy! If you are doing international, It is easy you can use the OBERLO to find dropshipping suppliers from ALIEXPRESS. Now what about local suppliers? Can you dropship locally? Usually it is hard to find local suppliers for dropshipping but i have made that easier for you! We have the OJMD FULFILLMENT HUB. This will make it easier for you to run a local store even without worrying about suppliers. All you need is to add items to your store and run ads, When you have orders Your orders are shipped for you! EASY!


You need presence! Create social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. Etc


Shopify lets you connect to multiple marketplaces like Amazon, ebay and even your facebook page! Utilize them

10. APPS

Apps are essential! you will need them going forward. There's a lot of apps in the Shopify theme store! A lot of features to enhance your store functionality.. You should utilize it.


So the main question. Basically i cannot give you an exact amount but to consider product cost of fulfillment cost. I would say PHP30,000 to PHP50,000 [ USD 1000 ] is enough to get you going and you can expand from there. Now this is my own suggestion. Some start with 10k PSEOS [ $200 ] and probably find their way later like loans and etc.


So if you are not the tech type of find it so hard to build one! How about getting one done for you instead! You can check out my ECOM PLANS. This allows you to have our team build a site for you! Just sit back and wait for your completed store. You will even be taught how to run ads. Depending on the plan you choose!

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