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Etsy is an online buyer and seller community similar to eBay, except it focuses on hand-crafted or vintage goods. Most products sold fall into the category of arts, crafts, jewelry, paper goods, housewares, and artisan candies or baked goods. Vintage items must be at least 20-years old to qualify and can range from costumes, clothing, jewelry, photos, and housewares. 

While selling on Etsy is another avenue for selling your homemade goods, there are many items on Etsy that can help you in your home business. Do you use Filofax, Erin Condren, or The Happy Planner to schedule your days and organize your business/life? You can buy downloadable inserts and stickers to use in your planner. Do you need promotional items with your logo? Many Etsy sellers can produce custom swag. Not just pens or coffee cups, but also jewelry, bookmarks, cosmetics and more with your name and logo on them.

Etsy is a growing marketplace and if you are looking to sell in places with less competition compared to amazon, ebay and Lazada then this is your best choice. The good thing is that, Filipinos can sell on etsy to international customers, You do not need to have stocks, You can use a production partner like Printful, Gooten and other POD items. If you are looking to sell unique items with less competition. This is your best shot.


As you may have known, Selling on etsy is not totally free. Although the cost is much cheaper than eBay or Amazon. Basically the main one is the Listing fee! You will be charged a listing fee of $0.20 USD for each item that you list for sale on or Etsy's mobile apps. For items already listed on your Etsy shop, there are no additional listing fees to list items on your Pattern site. Listings that you only make available on your Pattern site do not incur a listing fee. You will only be charged a listing fee for creating or renewing a listing on Etsy; there is no fee for editing a listing. You will be charged a listing fee whether or not the listed item sells, unless you create a private listing, in which case you will only be charged the listing fee when the private listing is sold. listings expire after four months. Pattern-only listings do not expire. If you list multiple quantities of the same item, the initial listing fee will be $0.20, and the listing will be automatically renewed at $0.20 after each of the items sells. You can read more about fees for multiple listings in this Help article. Listing fees are reflected in your payment account and deducted at the time the listing is published or renewed. It's important to note that listing fees are non-refundable.

However, As newbies you might need all the help you can. This is why you can get 40 LISTINGS FOR FREE! YES, 40 Free listings to get you started. How? If you are ready to start on Etsy. CREATE YOUR STORE NOW and start selling with 40 FREE LISTINGS

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