New Feature: Shopify Automatic Discount

Earlier today shopify rolled out a new feature they call the Automatic discount. This is an interesting feature and it is becoming available in all stores - Probably you have seen it too! So what is this automatic discount?

Automatic discount let you apply discounts on items without having the customer entering any discount code! It works like Upselling and discounts are automatically applied on checkout as soon as the conditions are met! You can offer your customers discounts that are applied automatically at checkout. At this time, you can create automatic discounts only for buy X get Y offers or BOGO.

You can have only one active automatic discount at any given time. Automatic discounts take precedence over discount codes, and customers can't apply multiple discounts to a single order. Discount codes are unavailable for customers who have an automatic discount applied to their checkout. So how do you create an automatic discount?


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Discounts.

  2. Click Automatic.

  3. Click Create automatic discount.

  4. In the Automatic discount title section, enter a name for the automatic discount (for example, buyonegetonefree).

  5. In the Customer buys section, select the products or collections you want the promotion to apply to and set the quantity of items a customer needs to buy to qualify. Use the search field or the Browse button to add products or collections to the promotion. If you want to remove a product or collection from the discount, then click X to delete it from the list.

  6. In the At a discounted value section, choose the discounted value that customers receive when they buy the set number of items. If you want to offer a percentage discount, then select Percentage and enter a rate. If you want to offer items for free, then select Free.

  7. Optional: Check Set the maximum number of uses per order and then enter the maximum number of times that this promotion can be applied to an order.

  8. Use the calendar in the Active dates section to set the start date for the discount. If you want to set an end date for the discount, then click Set end date and use the calendar to choose when the discount will end:

What do you think about the automatic discount feature?

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