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So if you are reading this, I must suppose you are interested to know how you can dropship locally. Is it even possible? If so, then keep reading.

In 2018, New local sellers invaded the market with the hope of making sales and starting a business, 85% out of every 100 new shopify sellers every month close their stores and quit. Do you know why? There are many reasons but 65% of those reason was one of the following.

1. The hassle of buying stocks on hand to be able to offer COD.

2. Where to find suppliers for help them fulfill their items

You see if you are a newbie, starting out can be so tough especially when you enter the local market, You have a lot of things to worry about. One of them is how to fulfill orders without the hassle of buying stocks, how to offer COD efficiently, How to dropship locally. Now if any of these is your problem, You gotta stop worrying about it because i am going to bring you a solution for your business.

I have been in the Philippines for 3 years and i do drop shipping internationally and also i sell locally and i understand the whole struggle which led me to partner with other Filipinos to create a handy solution for this. Ok, cut the story short, I am now introducing the OJMD & JA FULFILLMENT HUB


This is an all in one solution for local sellers who are entering the ecommerce world, or even existing ones who are having problems with fulfilment. With OJMD & JA Fulfillment you will not have to worry about

  1. Finding suppliers

  2. Shipping your items

  3. Offering COD

  4. Buying stocks up-front

  5. Importing products from abroad.

That is not all, OJMD functions as an all in one solutions that will let you dropship items here in the Philippines in simple steps.


It is very easy to get started, Now let me give you an overview of the process. As soon as OJMD is connected to your store. We monitor your orders which is being fulfilled by us. Once you have orders, OJMD packs the item, Calls the customer to confirm the address, Ships your item on your behalf as your store, Track your order, Collect your COD remittances and remit to you!

The good thing is that, We have partnered with many couriers and able to offer cheaper rates than regular rates on all shipments. No RTS fee for you! if you maintain below 15% and more.

Just a recap of what we can do for you: ☑️Source products ☑️Supply products ☑️Upsell to customers who already made purchases ☑️Pack and Ship out your orders ☑️Track delivery and remittance ☑️Daily minimal financial aid on your supply needs.

Just send us the CLIENT FORM back so we can start sharing our Product Catalog to you.


Signing up is easy! We require new clients to read and understand the client agreement form and once signed you will be able to use our services. If you are interested in boosting your business and take away the hassle of fulfillment, shipping and finding suppliers. DOWNLOAD THE CLIENT FORM NOW

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