Instagram/Youtube Influencer Email Templates.

So Everyone’s talking about Influencer Marketing. Why? Because working with online opinion leaders can do a lot of good for your business. WOM is a very effective way og marketing and getting your product in front of your customer. The most popular way to join this trend is to partner with a brand influencer on Instagram or Youtube. Sometimes this can be a daunting task. Although some might use influencer marketing marketplaces to get influencers promote their products - This might cost extra money.

So i have put together a few email template samples you can use when reaching out to instagram influencers! On a personal level i have had success with Youtube and Instagram influencers so i know this is an effective way of marketing if it fits your niche.

1. Asking The Influencer To Promote Your Item While Offering X% Of Sales

Hey Influencer,

Really intrigued by your takedowns of different SEO practices. I think SEO is now a full blown chess game where you have to anticipate Google's 5 moves ahead. Or risk getting slapped with a serious penalty.

I know you're very selective about doing promotions so that's why I'm only reaching out to you about a product I think would really benefit your audience.

It's a Landing Page Creator. Since many of your readers sell their own products and courses, they can use it to easily create beautiful and responsive sales pages.

We're looking for a select few partners to email their audience a special limited time offer. You get a X% profit share.

If you're interested, are you available for a quick call (15 mins) some time next week?

End the message!

2. Ask an influencer to host one of your giveaways

Hey Influencer,

I'm Joseph from < brand/Store Name >

We're really digging your style blog. Great outfits, great lighting, great backdrops - a lot to love.

We'd like to offer you five 3-month subscriptions to our monthly jewellery box to use as giveaways on your blog. Each of these codes can be used one time. When someone wins, simply email them to the winner. They are as follows:

45HDD20403KJ KLJ4EE44EJ33F V4567554JFNER

Please write back and confirm you received these codes. We look forward to seeing your contest.

Keep up the great work on your blog!

Sign Off / Greetings

3. Ask an influencer for a shoutout or review

Subject: Can I mail you some of my < product name >

Hey Influencer,

I've been following your globetrotting journey for a while. Really like you're one of the few nomads to present a realistic portrait of both the highlights and challenges of being on the move.

I noticed tea is a can't skip part of your morning ritual. It really does feel like you're getting a warm bear hug every time you wake up huh?

I'm been creating unique tea blends for the past 3+ years and I just invented this power blend you may enjoy:

A delicate dance between ginseng, yerba mate, green tea and pu'er tea

You basically feel like this all day when you drink it: [try to add an animated gif] I tested dozens of combos to achieve the Goldilocks perfect proportions and ingredients so it gives you a consistent energy boost throughout the day. No more 2pm fades! Love to get your review of it - let know if I can mail you a package?

I know your audience is really big on natural boosts into 'I'm walking on sunshine' mode so if you can mention your experience with EnerTea in a future article, that'd be sweet! We can set your audience up with a special coupon code.

Love to know either way!

Signoff / End Email

On a personal level, The number 3 email works best for me because i do get some of the influencers to promote my products for free, I just need to send the item. Always remember not all of them will accept free product without payment. Some will counter-offer, You need to deal with this smartly! These templates i provided is just to give you a headstart in case you are short of words! Hope it helps

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