How To Target & Retarget FB Page Likers In 2021

The title might be a little bit off but there is something definitely here. Facebook recently added a new feature that will help reach your audience more. I think this is part of the ongoing fixes and work-around for the impact of the IOS14 changes. This brings back to mind how important it is for us to have a good FB page following or responsive fan base. Your page is your brand face on Facebook, Even if you are running ads, Do not forget to build it up.

Now, what is this new feature? Keep in mind that Facebook will continue to gear away from organic reach and makes you wonder - especially if you have thousands of followers, Why are my likers not engaging? why is my reach so low despite my fan base?. Well, if your fans on your page are real and not fake or bought likes, then you should know this is not new. Organic posts do not do much more than sponsored. Do not get me wrong, I am not against the organic post but sponsored posts are a must. The new Fb feature even speaks more volume on that.

Facebook has added a new way for you to target your page likers ONLY! Hold your horses, it's not just that. One of the good things I like about this is that the audience updates itself automatically that if someone unlikes your page, it will automatically remove them from your targeting. This feature is in the custom audiences and does not panic, I have made a video for you on how to create and use this audience for your ads.

How do you create this? It's simple, in fact, I made it simpler. Watch the video below:

Finally, I think this is a good feature! Here are some of the reasons I love this.

  • You can target your page likes or fans

  • You can understand your audience better and plan your creatives

  • No headaches in targeting when creating your ads.

  • You can target people already familiar or shown interest in your page or business

  • You can use most of the Ads objectives.

So what do you think about this feature?

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