How To Setup Stripe Part 1 - Getting LLC

Stripe is an online payment processing for internet businesses. It builds the most powerful and flexible tools for internet commerce. Stripe payment gateway is unfortunately unavailable to people outside the United States (US), and it has become a pain in the ass to anyone running an online business and wishes to use stripe to accept payments. It’s no longer a joke, that, stripe is easy to setup with seamless integration, with attractive features and prices. No activation or setup fees, just a 2.9% + 0.30 cents per successful card charge. In this guide, you’ll learn how to setup stripe payment gateway for Non-US Citizens or residents (unsupported countries) and you can then integrate into your ecommerce store/business website and start accepting payments in different manners.

Since stripe is only available in 26 countries and that is bad news to some of us, However in this guide we will walk through on how to get stripe for your shopify and accept payments seamlessly!

Before you can use Stripe in non-supported countries we will need 4 things.


2. Verified US Address

3. US Phone Number ( Optional )

4. US Bank Account


LLC stands for Limited Liability Company. Forming an LLC is the simplest way of structuring your business to protect your personal assets in case your business is sued. LLCs can be owned by one or more people, who are known as LLC “members.” An LLC with one owner is known as a single member LLC - which is the best option, and an LLC with more than one owner is known as a multi-member LLC.

Forming your business as an LLC helps to protect you against lawsuits, significantly cuts down on paperwork compared to other business types, prevents your business from being taxed twice, and helps to present your business as more credible. I will walk you through on how to get an LLC! But before you start. We will need a US address and a phone number. You can easily get a US address from or you can get one at If you are in the Philippines. You can use your Gcash AMEX card. For a US number, There are many viable options but the best one is 2nd Line - This is for Android phones only, You can download it from the Google Play Store. It gives you your own US number which you can use for calls and texts to the US and Canada for free. You can also use this number on Whatsapp or Telegram. More features are available on its Premium plan! You can download the app from Google Play Store.

Now that you have your own US address and US phone number you can now begin application for an LLC. You must not be stuck with my recommendations, If you have a relative in the US, You can ask them if you can use their US address. This is accepted


When it comes to getting your business registered in the USA, It is important to choose and select a suitable state. In my case i choose to register in Delaware. To do that simply head over to

There are other options you can use such as




However, I will go with Delaware Inc anytime. This is owned or is part of HBS - Havard Business Services. Now when you are here in Delaware, You can now click on "FORM LLC"

Now, i have to warn you that you need to make sure that your information and everything you enter from here will be same all through the application, Example if you use one US address, You must use that all the way! Your LLC name will be the name of your company. So it is better to do a name search first.

On the next page you will be asked to fill in your address. Please fill it in with the US address you have. You will see something like this below.

Then you will now choose a package you want. The suggested one is the Green package. However, If you want to have the documents at hand in hard copy you can choose the highest plan. But for starters, Green is ok!

When you are done choosing you plan, Scroll down and click on "save and continue". You can select how many people are in your company. And then continue.

Now we are the last step. Once you click on continue, You will be asked to add an EIN. EIN is very important and is required when setting up stripe. It can serve as a business tax ID for your LLC or a sub for SSN. So as a non-us citizen, You need to get this EIN from the FIRS. Since you are getting an LLC, it is advised you let this Delaware Inc process your EIN. It will be faster. So for me i choose that option. Total fees will amount to $244

We are not done yet, Now you can click on continue. You will have to let or choose if you have an SSN or TIN. If you do not have an extra fees will be charged. Around $30+ As shown below. Now you can choose how many LLC you want and then save and continue.

Now you can choose if you will hire someone in the future and explain what your business is all about as shown in the image below.

Now you can save and continue. Verify your information and then you can now pay for your order.

Congratulations, You have created your first company. Delaware INC will be contacting you via email, You need to follow their instructions which include signing documents online and everything will be sent to you via email. They will also sent you youc company seal and all necessary documents. You will have your EIN which will be available within 10 days. Below are what the documents you will receive looks like.

Now you will receive similar documents and more from DELAWARE including your EIN number from the FIRS!

In my next part 2 post, I will show you how to setup your Stripe account and start accepting Credit Cards online easily! Connecting your stripe to Shopify, Verifying your stripe, Connecting stripe to Payoneer US account and finally withdrawing to your local bank account!


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