Guide: How To Setup IG Shopping If Not Eligible

We all know that Shopping is becoming a part of everyday life! We shop almost everyday, either online or offline. That is why eCommerce is booming in our lives. In a year, each of us must have shopped online and that is to show you how much money is being spent online by individuals. Being a store owner, you want to make sales and marketing is very crucial.

Each of us store owners engage in one form of advertising or another. If you are a Shopify store owner, You must have at some point run ads on Instagram, FB, Google or anywhere else. Which brings me to INSTAGRAM

Instagram is taking ecommerce by storm and the photo based social media platform owned by Facebook is becoming an important channel when it comes to ecommerce marketing. This means that instagram with BILLIONS of users presents a great deal of audience for your products. That is why you should be shopping on instagram. This led to the introduction of INSTAGRAM SHOPPING TAGS. This is a feature that allows people shop on instagram without even leaving the app!

Months later, Shopify took the step and introduced the instagram sales channel - an integration with instagram where you can sync your products to instagram and automatically let your customers shop from there. This is a cool featUre but as cool as it might be, It is not available to most countries! This is painful. But there is a good news, You can still use instagram Shopping tags even if you are not eligible.


Because most countries are not available. This looks very unfair, If you are not in US, UK, Canada and other 16 countries you cannot use this on your Shopify store. So i embarked on a research and quest to find a way to use instagram even if my country is not eligible. I thought i could just change my store address and everything is good. Howeveer, Instagram denied me and i did it again my store was banned! So finally, comes the solution. I was able to set up instagram from unsupported country and use it smoothly. My shop was approved

With my compete 15 page eBook guide, You will be able to set up instagram sales channel on your shopify store and drive sales. It is a must have channel for any Shopify store. DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE HERE

In this eBook of mine you will see the complete step on how to setup your instagram shopping via Shopify and drive sales with it. You will see examples with my own store and how i did it !!!!


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