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If you are reading this blog post it means you are interested in finding winning products for your store. On international level, It could be easier because you have tools like oberlo and other research tools. But if you are doing local ecom, That is where the hard thing comes in.

A lot of us waste a lot of time, to be exact i'd say 70% of their time looking for products to sell locally. Why is that? it is because of one Major reason. See, you will have to find items that will sell and reduce risks of sleeping on bad products. Secondly finding a good supplier and also the possibility of dropshipping which is unlikely! This is what i have thought about and in this post, I will be introducing A NEW TOOL


SO... What is this research tool? - I Call It - ECOM PRODUCT BUDDY

So what is it? Simply put - the eCom product buddy is a tool tailored for local ecommerce settings. New shopify owners are afraid of selling items people dont buy. With this new tool, A lot will change. You will not need to waste money and time that you should invest in your enhancing your skills for ads on product research.


Believe it or not. THERE IS NO SUCH TOOL AS THIS IN THE PHILIPPINES - i repeat THERE IS NO SUCH TOOL AS THIS IN THE PHILIPPINES! - Prove me wrong if you want to! This is a tool we spent so much time to tailor for the philippines. With our ProductBuddy tool you will have access to newly found products available for you to dropship!

  • Manually listed products

  • Product descriptions

  • Photos

  • Products Videos

  • Supplier contacts

  • Local Dropshipping


Imagine having access to thousands of products from the local market! Access to lots of suppliers and more! this is what the ecomProductBuddy will do for you! The ecomProductBuddy will launch on the final weeks of December 2018!


EcomproductBuddy is not free, In as much as i would like this to be free, However we have a team working day and night while you sleep and sourcing the local market for winning items! This has made us to bring in introductory pricing!

1. 500PHP/month

2. 1000/PHP/month

For the PHP1000 a month - This are just for those who want to use just ecomProductBuddy for product research and sourcing! You will have access to product and all the tools included. Like price, videos, descriptions all month.

For the PHP500/month - This plan is solely for those who are currently using our OJMD FULFILLMENT SERVICE. If you are doing drop shipping via our fulfillment center. You will have access to ecomProductBuddy for only 500PHP

We are excited to launch this! Are you interested to know more? Do you want to be notified when we launch? Please comment below!

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