Duplication: When & How To Do It?

If you are new to facebook marketing, this is probably the question you will ask as soon as your ads start getting results and you want to move forward. So whats duplication?

This is where you take an existing ad set - which may be active, paused or archived - and create an exact copy of it. You might duplicate an ad set into the same campaign or copy it into a brand new one.

Why duplicate ad sets in Facebook Ads

There are two main reasons Facebook and Instagram advertisers duplicate their ad sets, both of which we’ll go into in more detail below. But in a nutshell, these are the main common and popular reasons for doing so:

  • For re-use in brand new campaigns

  • For aggressive scaling tactics in active campaigns

Duplicating your best performing historical ad sets into new campaigns allows you to create a framework based on objectives and targeting that has already produced results for you in the past. You can simply add new ads or creatives under these ad sets or make small tweaks (i.e. to your budget or bidding) and you’re ready to go!

Duplication As A Scaling Method

This one is for the more advanced Facebook and Instagram advertisers amongst us, and tends to divide opinion. Whilst Facebook generally advises against having ad sets in your campaign that target the same audience (in case you end up competing against yourself in the auction), a number of savvy advertisers discovered that this doesn't seem to really happen in practice, and that Facebook’s algorithm tends to actually favour newer ad sets over older ones.

The duplication strategy was therefore devised to replicate an advertiser’s best performing ad sets - not just in an attempt to multiply the success of the first ad set - but to further boost the success of the duplicates because they’ll be treated as ‘brand new’ by Facebook’s algorithm.

How To Duplicate Your Adset

Duplication is easy and can be done in 2 simple clicks! Once you open the adset level of your campaigns. Go to the adset you want to duplicate. Click on the duplication action

Next, You will see a box as it is below and you can now duplicate right away or enter the number of ad sets you will like to duplicate or how many copies you would like to duplicate as shown below and then duplicate and publish your ads.

Simple Scaling Methods You Can Apply To Your Ads

Method 1 - The 1 – 10% Rule

  1. Once you find your winning product/ad combo, increase or decrease the daily budget by 10%

  2. This increase or decrease should happen every 48 hours.

  3. Only update the Facebook Ads daily budget between 12am-5am.

  4. Increase if your ROAS is greater than 3x the ad spend, Decrease if your ROAS is less than 3x the spend Disable the ad if your ROAS is less than 2

  5. The date range for checking the ROAS (return on ad spend) is the past 7 days.

Method 2 – Double Trivia

  1. This phase begins as soon as you identify your first profitable ad set.

  2. The first thing you’ll do is duplicate the profitable ad set.

  3. Only modify the budget of the duplicated ad.

  4. And after you spend Php500 - Php1000 per ad, check on your data.

  5. If your ROAS is greater than 3x times your spend, duplicate that ad.

  6. Double the daily budget.

  7. Continue this trend for each consecutive winning ad. 

  8. So for instance Php500 daily ad spend is duplicated and changes to a Php1000 budget.

  9. And if that new ad with the Php1000 daily budget does well, it will be duplicated and the new budget will become Php2000

Method 3 – Triple Doom

  1. Phase works in sync with Method 1 and Method 2.

  2. Duplicate the winning $5 ad from Stage 2 and simply modify the interests.

  3. Follow our Interest Categories Blueprint…

  4. We divide our interest categories into Parts:

  • Niche Keywords

  • Brands / Websites

  • Fan Pages

  • Associations/Clubs

  • Tangent Keywords

I suggest creating 3 new ad sets per day, following our First Sale Chart along the way. The goal is to identify 4 profitable ad sets. Once you do, simple implement Method 1 & 2 Again.

Method 4 – Retarget

This will work best once you hit 20 purchase events on the item on an Adset

Once you reach the 20 purchase threshold for that product, create two new audiences.

  • Audience 1 – Visited Your Site But Didn’t Add To Cart After 3 Days

  • Audience 2 – Added To Cart But Didn’t Purchase After 3 Days

Now that these two new audiences are created, create 1 ad set for each audience. Then create 2 ads for each ad set.

  1. First Ad – 10% Coupon Ad Copy With Same Ad

  2. Second Ad – 10% With Carousel

There are whole lot other methods to scale! These are just a few of Many! I hope it helps

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