Drophipping: Imagination vs Reality

Right now we all hear and see and read about drop shipping and how profitable it can be. Before you continue reading. Let me warn you! Ecommerce or dropshipping is not magic, if you are reading this thinking its a make money quick scheme you can leave the page.

Because of the things we see, videos on youtube about "gurus" hitting it on one day, one week and all that, You will be thrilled to do your own dropshipping business and be like them, Well, welcome to reality my friend. Business or Ecommerce is no straight line, its not a multilevel marketing. You have to work for it.

Imagination #1: Dropshipping only works for low priced items or cheap items


Times have changed. Now recognized as a great way to enter into the e-commerce world, dropshipping has become a popular and successful model for those entrepreneurs looking to offer high quality, unique items from all over the world.

Majority of dropshippers are selling high volumes of low priced items. These are those site you see selling knockoff electronics and cheap clothing from China, but the world of dropshipping has changed.

Online retailers are becoming more ambitious when it comes to what their sites can offer their customers. The biggest fear about dropshipping is that if too many people are selling the same low distributed products, then you will find yourself in the middle of a bidding war. But with so many new products and dropshipping sites available, you have more options to help avoid that outcome.

It is common knowledge that a little store can’t keep up with competitive priced sites like Amazon and Ebay, but if you know how to offer your customers other incentives, you can still create a thriving ecommerce business.

Imagination #2: I Can Make Thousands ASAP!

Reality: No, It's Not Magic! It's Not MLM. This Is Business - You Work For It

While dropshipping eliminates a lot of the physical work involved in running a store, it certainly requires just as much (if not more) energy and diligence. That doesn’t mean your dreams of white sands and margaritas are out of the question, just know it takes a lot of unglamorous work to get there.

Bear in mind that when i talk about dropshipping or Ecommerce. I am not talking about MLM schemes. You can literally sell MLM products online and make money based on referral. Well, i tell you that is not eCommerce. So don't get confused thinking you are doing eCommerce, You are not.

Just like with anything, success comes with a lot of hard work and time. When starting a dropshipping business you will need to put a lot of time and effort into making it a success. This means focusing on marketing tactics, customer service quality, and overall keeping your site up and running.

Imagination #3: All I Need To Do Is To List items And Make Lots Of Sales


Not so!

The idea of dropshipping is often advertised as synonymous with easy. Although dropshipping is a great alternative to purchasing wholesale, there's still work and effort that goes into running a website with dropshipping. Yes, you can download the products from your dropshipper using their pictures and descriptions, but you still have to create a reason as to why customers should buy from you.

It’s important to figure out what your buying incentives are. You can list as many products as you want, but that doesn't mean people will buy from you. Incentives could be greatly priced products, awesome customer service, free shipping, etc. Make sure you are advertising these incentives to your customer.

In this business, do not think its something you can jump into and make lots or get instant success. I see a lot of people jump into it thinking its all about creating a store and listing items and all that or copying what people are doing. No, this is a scary and tough ground to march on and that should not scare you.

Bottom line is. Yes you will succeed but you need to put in a lot of work, be ready to take risks and try everything possible withing your reach. Before you dig in. Try to learn first. Take your time and study. it is better to study for months and create a profitable business than start within 2 days and close it in 2 months.

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