COVID-19: Is It Safe To Run FB Ads?

Since the outbreak, This has been the question of the day. I don't need to remind you what COVID-19 is as we all have felt the effects on the economy, health and of course our business. This post is basically for the Philippines market since I have first-hand experience here. In the Philippines, we did not feel the effects as much until late Feb and going into march and recently the government has taken drastic steps in containing the virus including a community quarantine in Metro Manila and also implementing some travel bans around the country. As of writing this, we currently have 98 confirmed cases in the Philippines.

This has sent people into panic and worry and fears whether they already have the virus or not. How will this affect social media advertising and marketing in the country right now? Should you keep your ads on or off? Take a break?. Keeping your ads on is a personal decision and you should decide carefully and take note of certain things. A lot of factors will contribute to this.

1. Stocks & Inventory: Do you have enough stocks? Remember that even if the travel and movement ban does not include the movement of cargoes and logistics, It might still affect you. If you are getting your own stocks, How many do you have left? Will your supplier be active or will he or she go into self-quarantine. You should confirm this before continuing your ads to avoid wasting money and getting a sale but cannot fulfill your order.

2. Order Fulfillment: Remember that Metro Manila is under community quarantine and the government is strict about that. Some couriers might not accept parcels going to manila or from manila to other parts of the country since there is a domestic ban - again, not on goods and services. Some couriers have posted that they will not be accepting packages to certain locations. It is good to speak with your courier about this.

3. Shipping Times: With the heightened ban, this means there will be delays in shipment. You should consider this too! Shipping to a province like Visayas and Mindanao areas will take almost 14-19 days to arrive.

4. Analyze Your Products: Right now there will be more intent buyers but with only the intent of buying what they really need to be given the situation. So if your product does not solve problems that they might encounter at the moment, It is better to stop the ads.

5. Lower Competition: With the scare and everything, The bright side is that you will not have major competition since most of the people will stop their ads. That means you have a window to grab some sales!

6. Mind The RTS: We all know RTS is an issue, I still think RTS will be there so it's good if you will do all you can when it comes to ordering confirmation before making shipment for your order.

7. Use a Fulfillment Service: You can find a fulfillment service to do the shipping and logistics for you while you run ads in self-quarantine. OJMD Dropshipping will be operating during the ban.

Like I said in the beginning, this is a personal decision. There is no ban on movement of goods and services, So if you wish to continue ads, You can, your orders will be shipped with little delay. I hope this helps. Good luck to you all and stay safe!

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