Conversion Killers You Need To Fix!

Ok so you have your website and " good products " but no conversion. You get tons of visits but no conversion. There are two things happening here. Its either you have a crap product or your website is actually crap! - Sorry. A customer needs to have a swift shopping experience on your website and any little annoying thing that blocks their way - They leave

1. Too Many Pop Up

You have Privy, Mail munch and other 2 apps. All asking for emails. That's annoying! Especially with the GDPR in effect these things will make your customers leave even before they purchase!

2. Shipping Costs!

If you do not offer free shipping at some point - I do not know what century you are in. Some stores offer free shipping on everything. Some offer on a minimal order value, Either way Nobody likes to add a bunch of items to cart, fill out all the forms… and have a shipping fee suddenly applied to the order. It doesn’t matter if it’s tiny - it’s still more than the shopper has already committed to. It disrupts their thought sequence and affects the buying experience.

3. Too many trust badges are turning people off

The badge you’re using to prove how secure your site is could be putting visitors off (especially if they don’t recognize it). Not to mention that many badges are poorly designed and look garish, which can hurt the credibility of your site. Here are some tips:

  1. Make shipping free for everyone, everywhere (or at least nationwide);

  2. Have a fixed shipping cost on all orders, no matter where the buyer lives;

  3. Institute free shipping on all orders over a certain order value

4. Forceful Registration

Forcing your customers to create an account before they can complete their purchase, might be killing your conversions. Hence, make sure that your website also allows customers the option of purchasing as guests, without having to register. For shopify, Just enable the account creation as optional. They can checkout as guest or create account.

5. Lack of testimonials and reviews.

Most people are skeptical about making purchases from unknown names or new entrants. So, if you do not display customer testimonials and positive user reviews on your website, you'll be killing your conversions. Remember, Do not over do it. Reviews are good but too much of it will make it fake.

Now i see some stores importing reviews from aliexpress. Some reviews you import are coming from countries where you do not actually sell! What's the point? If you must import, Make use of an app that will allow you to filter countries at least.

6. Not being mobile-friendly.

90% of your store visitors are coming from their mobile devices! Inface in the next few years almost every one will shop using their mobile - App or web browsers. Make sure your website content and images are optimized for mobile. Also allow the options of saving products or cart for later for consumers who prefer completing their purchases from PCs. If you're guilty of having any of the above conversion killers on your website, make amends right away. Growing a business is a tough job as it is. So let's not do things that make it even more so.

Can you think of more? Let me know in the comments!

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