Boost Your ROAS With These Simple Tips

There’s no doubt that Facebook is a great platform for marketing your business - well for those who are actually profiting from it. It can also be the worst platform for you if you are not getting back what you are spending. ROI [ Return on investment ] is very important when it comes to measuring your success and profitability of your campaigns.

So how can you make sure your Facebook marketing efforts get the highest ROI or return on investment? With just a bit of extra preparation, instead of testing your luck, you’ll be able to practically guarantee that your ads will make an impact on Facebook users. Here are some things you can do to boost your ROAS / ROI.

1. Target the right audience

Audience targeting is so important, Bad audience will simply give you bad campaign results. When creating your Facebook ad campaign think about who you’re trying to sell to. Are you targeting your existing customers? Are you targeting consumers who have never visited your site before? Are you targeting moms? Or are you targeting college students? Whoever your audience is, you’ll get a better ROI if your ads are highly specific to their needs. You can create audiences using the Facebook Audience Insights Tool

2. Target Warm Audiences

What is a warm audience anyway? A warm audience is a group that has some sort of interaction with you. Some people measure this as seeing an ad. We don’t. We use two characteristics to define a warm audience:

  • People who took an action related to your online or offline properties

  • That action is measurable and trackable online

Warm audiences contrast with “cold” audiences, who have had no prior contact with your brand. It’s possible to target these cold audiences with low-cost reach campaigns, but this depends on the effectiveness of your research and guesswork. Once you can identify a demographic receptive to your marketing, try and drive traffic to your site to gain a better idea of who’s willing to purchase. 

The biggest issue with warm audience targeting is that sample sizes are limited, which places constraints on the scalability of your advertisements. As soon as you identify a warm audience, create lookalikes from this custom set to reach a broader group of potential customers who have demonstrated similar interests. Additional categories can be defined within lookalike audiences for even more specific results.

3. Write Better Ads: Improve your images and headlines.

Ditch your dull photos and drab headlines. In the crowded Facebook feed that’s full of eye-catching, entertaining photos and videos, you need to ensure that your Facebook ad will grab the attention of users. People are visual creatures, so using high-quality images with bright colors is a surefire way to get more out of your Facebook marketing.

You need to be very creative in your ad copies and thumbnails. You should be able to stop them from scrolling past your ads. If you are using videos, The first 15seconds is very important if you will keep your customers on that video.

4. Don't Forget To Retarget - Using Different Copies

Retargeting is very important, but what is the point of showing people the same content over and over again? Facebook retargeting is a cookie that you add to your website that has the ability to track when a user leaves your site, follow them to Facebook and other places on the web and show them targeted ads that convince them to return to your site and buy. By recovering abandoning visitors with retargeting, you can get a big boost in your ROI.

Create new campaigns for your retargeting ads and use different videos - don't worry about social proof at this time, You can easily run a PPE on it. Using different video copy gives the customers a fresh eye on the content. You can do a general retargeting or a product-specific retargeting.

5. Use Different Campaign Objectives

Showing your customers ads in different formats helps them see the product from a different angle. Consider using different objectives and ad types for your ads such as

  • Dynamic Creatives - 10 Photos

  • Dynamic Creative Ads - Videos

  • Catalog Sales - Carousell Ads [ Best for retargeting ]

  • Collection Ads

  • Messenger Ads

Conclusion: Of course there are a lot of factors in this, However, what you sell is the major factor, Focus on product research and find good products to sell, Once you have a winner you can scale and get the maximum ROAS or ROI possible for your ads!

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