Boost Conversion With Checkout Hack!!

Yes, you read that right! Basically if you are running a shopify store. You already know what and how checkout works on your store and the process of everthing! When you run an ad, You use the product page as your landing URL, The customer clicks there and lands on the product page. Adds to cart> go to cart page > 3 step checkout.

Over 80% of customers stops after adding to cart and then that is a loss! But, there is a simple hack you can use to boost your conversion and make them skip that add to cart thing. Yes, i know there are apps on Shopify store that can do this but yea.. How much is it? Is it free? If it is free, that app might add extra code to your store or extra widgets, Making your page look UGLY! Sometimes, adding to cart can be complicated for some Filipino shoppers, They just want to enter their details and buy! Depending on the theme you are using, There will be extra steps in ATCs

Few months back, Shopify introduced what is called the CHECKOUT LINK. The checkout link works like the BUY BUTTON. What does checkout link do? It gives you a link which has the target product already added to cart. This means your customer will have that item added to cart already and all they need to do is to finish the checkout! This is a great help in boosting your conversion rate and helping you get more sales! In this blog post i will show you how to set this up properly!


You can use the Buy Button channel to create checkout links, which your customers can click to add a single product variant to a checkout. You can add checkout links to email messages, social media posts, or direct messages, to easily share a product with customers.

1. Login to your shopify admin and go to the Buy button section and then click on checkout link as shown in the image below

2. When you click on "create checkout link" You will be prompted to select a product. Now if you are running an ad, Select the product you are running an ad for!

3. Now when you select a product. You will now see the next stem as shown below. A link has been created and can be used for direct checkout! You can now copy the link and use it on or as your Ad landing page URL on your FB ads!

Now this link takes your customer to the "customer information page" What they need to do now is to add their information and boom! They buy! This technique helps you increase your cart abandonment rate and improve your conversion rate! try it today!

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