Affordable Fulfillment Service In The Philippines

Fulfilment is an important part of business for online sellers or online business owners. It involves the process of packing, inspecting and shipping goods and services to your customers. Before choosing a fulfilment centre or service, you need to consider the following:

  1. Location: You need to consider the location of the warehouse of the fulfilment centre. The major reason you are choosing a fulfilment centre is to have your items delivered faster to your customer

  2. Fees: You also need to consider fulfilment fees. There is no free fulfilment service. Take your time to analyze the fees that are involved in the fulfilment of an order.

  3. Shipping fees: Before choosing a fulfilment partner make sure to analyze the shipping fees that will be charged on your orders.

  4. Subscription fees: Some fulfilment services are automated or have various integrations that you might need to pay for. It is good you look at these too.

  5. COD Fees and Remittances

  6. Storage fees

Choosing the right fulfilment is very important for your business and this is why MR FULFILL was created. Mr fulfil is one of the go-to fulfilment centres created with entrepreneurs in mind. Anyone selling online can use Mr Fulfill to sent their orders to the customers.

  • Location: Mr fulfil has warehouses in Novaliches, Bataan, Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna and more. This makes it easy to offer fast and affordable fulfilment nationwide

  • Fees: Mr fulfil fulfilment fees is only PHP30 per order/item.

  • Shipping: Mr fulfil is partnered with Byaheros Express and other couriers. Shipping starts at P80 for small pouches

  • COD Fee: There is no COD fee when using Mr fulfil

  • RTS Fee: There is no RTS fee when using Mr fulfil (only when shipped with Byaheros Express)

  • Subscription fee: Mr fulfil does not currently have a subscription fee

  • Storage or warehousing: Mr fulfil offers FREE warehousing to clients nationwide. It also charged P200 per CBM if your products is not moving for 7 days.

If you are looking for a good fulfilment centre, This is for you! For more information about MR fulfil. You can visit the Facebook Page

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