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7 Tips on How to Win in the Philippine E-commerce Market

At this point, there’s no more doubt that eCommerce in the Philippines is the next big thing. People are starting to get into the culture of making online purchases, and there are more ways than ever to make transactions. Unlike in years past, a computer is no longer necessary to make a purchase. These days, you can send products on their way to your doorstep with a few taps of a smartphone screen.

Even the big Internet players agree: Southeast Asian eCommerce is on its way to explosive growth. According to a study conducted by search giant Google, eCommerce trade in the region will amount to $88 billion by the year 2025. Being one of the most populous countries in the ASEAN bloc, the Philippines is expected to own a significant chunk of that revenue pie.

There’s no better time to be in the local eCommerce scene than now. Those who start today will be the kings of tomorrow. However, actual work has to be put in so your store can start gaining traction. Having an eCommerce site is one thing but making it succeed is another matter.

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