7 Tips For Dropshipping Newbies

If you are starting our dropshipping, Obviously some of the newbies will be confuses on where to start, how and what to do next. In this process, You do a lot more of hearing and taking in too much information! For starters, here are my 8 tips for you!

1. Don’t Just Learn Dropshipping, Practice it

The beauty of the internet is that there is always someone out there who wants to give information away for free. You can sign up for countless dropshipping tips and classes, and pay for endless dropshipping ebooks. Watch YouTube videos, read blogs, ask questions, join groups, find a mentor. There are many ways and many things you can lay your hand on!

2. Focusing on Presentation = Sales

One of the biggest mistakes that new dropshippers make in their new retail store is creating their products without editing the product description provided by the distributor. Add items to your shop in small batches, 20 – 30 tops. This gives you the opportunity to review and edit the individual product descriptions to optimize them for maximum conversions.

3. Test your Product

Listen, There is no guaranteed winning product LOL. As a drop shipper, it’s important that you take the opportunity to get to know your product. Have you ever ordered an item online, and what you received wasn’t what you expected? You have a responsibility to your customers to know what your product looks like. If you are doing international with aliexpress, You could order a few samples. If you are in the Philippines and you are using OJMD Dropshipping, You could get your hands on some samples too!

4. Automate Your Fulfillment/Shipping

Spend more time on marketing than shipping and fulfullment. For international you can automate the whole process with OBERLO. For local philippines market, You can do the same with eCom Product Buddy and OJMD Dropshipping Platform.

Website automation is one of the fastest ways to ensure that you are able to generate a passive income. When you use automation tools, life opens back up to you. Automation tools automate social media postings, targeting emails, and so much more. Automating your website will simplify your life, and free up your time.

5. Marketing is Gold = Sit & Learn!

Listen, No one became a guru overnignt! Do some study. For fb ads you can start with the Academy at https://www.facebookblueprint.com. There is a lot of information here!

Automation tools are great for advertising on the go. Pursue your life, go to your 9-5. But don’t forget how valuable manually checking in each day can be. Check your social media business pages. Respond to customers. Answer questions. Today, nothing is more valuable than authenticity. Spending a little bit of time connecting with your customers leads to higher conversion.

6. Create Custom Content

Custom content is a fantastic way to generate traffic to your site. One of the best dropshipping tips is to do live product reviews on your social media pages. You can do some blogs to compare different types of products. Most importantly, make it about the products that you carry. If you carry women’s fashion, write about fashion week. If you feature children’s toys, share the top 10 toys for each of the last five decades, etc. Create content that people will want to share.

7. Know Your Niche

We’ve saved the best (and the most important of the dropshipping tips) for the last. Don’t choose your niche based on what someone else says is going to sell. You need to select the best product for you. If you aren’t interested in the product that you are shipping, that’s going to come across to your target customers. They want to buy from someone who cares as much about their interest as they do. Otherwise, they’d order from Amazon. Your interest, knowledge, and expertise are part of the package. Choose products that make sense for your niche. If you don’t succeed at first, your shop can go in a different direction down the road. When your website is too general it won’t make sense to your customers, and they won’t want to shop from you.

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