5 FB Hacks To Use In 2019

Do not worry, This is not a long post. These Facebook Ads hacks are hacks at the moment, simply because the vast majority of people haven’t figured them out yet and therefore they still work. If you all start using them, they might not work anymore.


Install the Facebook Pixel! Not only will it allow you to retarget potential buyers and create lookalike audiences with more people just like them, it also allows you to correctly track and measure the results of your Facebook Ads. That way, you won’t waste your money on Facebook Ads that don’t work.


Not to be confused with Facebook Messenger Ad Campaigns mentioned above!

This is a relatively new option, and if there is one thing we can learn from the past, it’s that new ad placements always perform really well at the start, before everyone starts using them and abusing them. This placement means your ad will be shown in your audience’s Messenger app, below the first few messages. There will only be a few ads shown at a time, so it should make your ad stand out… In theory, at least!


Instagram and Facebook Stories Ads are relatively new placements and have been working incredibly well lately. Using Stories Ads for your business is a great idea – simply grab some good video content and voila! If you don’t have the time or budget to create video content.


Not really a Facebook Ads hack, but a huge opportunity nonetheless.

I’ve only seen two Facebook Messenger campaigns done well, so far. I don’t know if this is because I’m not in the target audience for those who are running them, or if there just aren’t any people running them yet. But, either way, this is a HUGE opportunity at the moment. To put it in layman’s terms: You can use Facebook Messenger ads to get people to interact with your brand via Messenger. Then, once they’ve messaged your page, you can run ads to them that show up as messages in their FB Messenger. It’s a bit like building an email list, but within FB messenger.


There has been so much written about which CTA button you to choose for Facebook Ads. “Never use the Sign Up button,” say some. Others claim that “Learn More has the highest click-through rate”. But, did you know that you can simply choose NO call to action button on your Facebook Ads? Yeah, you don’t have to have one!

Why does it work? Well, it makes your ad look like the native content it’s supposed to be.

Are you seeing a trend here? It seems that the key to successful Facebook ads is to make them look as little like an ad as possible. Groundbreaking.


This follows a similar train of thought to the last one. Emojis are another way to make your Facebook ads stand out. But, I’m guessing you didn’t even realise you could use emojis in your Facebook ads. Most people haven’t yet, and that is why this still works.

Why does it work so well? Because Facebook is, first and foremost, a social media platform and your audience are there to watch dog videos and stalk their exes. Sprinkling a few emojis through your ad makes it look like the native content it’s meant to be.


It’s no secret that most businesses rely heavily on Facebook ads to market their services and/or products, and it’s also considered as a very important source for generating traffic for brick and mortar businesses as well. While it’s very obvious that Facebook ads are not going anywhere (at least in the near future), Facebook has announced that all ad campaigns on the platform will start running with Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) starting from September 2019. On Facebook, CBO has so far been an option to control your budget at the campaign level, which, by default, was turned off. Once activated, you would have control of the entire daily or lifetime budget for the campaign. Assuming you have multiple ad sets within a campaign, Facebook would then decide on optimally distributing your budget to those ad sets. The structure is similar to how things work in FB ads manager - you don’t set a budget at the ad level. You can have multiple ads within a single ad set, and then Facebook determines how to distribute the budget between them. You should learn it

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