5 Dropshipping Tips For Success!

Google Trends reveals that over the last couple of years, the Search Interest points in dropshipping has risen to 89 and with it the rise of dropshipping companies that include the likes of Doba and Dropship Direct. So how can you be successful in this? Well to be successful you need more than this 5 tips but i hope this tips works for you.

1. General Store Is Great But Niche Is Wonderful

Think back to the beginning of Amazon. Amazon started in the very narrow niche of online books – adding to their store as their brand grew and with it their niche – which, as we know, now includes everything and anything. The point is, when they started, they were selling in a narrow niche.  Unless you are just opening up a broad store to test the waters before you choose your niche, narrowing your focus is the key to success. Having a dropshipping store that is too general will not enable you to hone in on your potential shopper audience easily or make brand building – the key to site trust – possible. To choose the right niche, you’ll want to look where you passions are, research industry trends, and think about your target shopper. Then, you will want to analyze and evaluate the demand, the competition and the market to see how you could fit in.

2. Use videos to drive traffic and engagement

According to Google Shopping Insights Report. By 2021, social videos will continuously grow as online videos are forecasted to make up more than 81% of all consumer web traffic making it one of the most forms of marketing today. This is a signal for drop shipping businesses to shift their marketing focus to using video contents to promote their store or market their product that will amplify brand awareness and recall. For example, Make Beauty shares sneak peek how-to videos on its social media accounts and then redirects their audience to visit their website to watch the full instructional videos Although, for a small scale drop shipping business, creating social videos can be challenging because of the painstaking thought process and creativity involved. As an alternative, look for existing viral videos on popular sites such as BuzzFeed, and then, share them on your social media site. Remember to share your post with an attention-grabbing call-to-action to drive traffic to your drop shipping site.

3, Always Remarket, Do Not Lose Potential Customers!

You know, 98% of visitors won’t buy on their first visit. This poses a challenge to drop shipping merchants since traffic is incredibly hard to get. In this situation, retargeting can help you recapture a seemingly lost opportunity. Retargeting is a marketing strategy which targets visitors who have previously visited your eCommerce site but made no action. With the use of retargeting, you can display relevant ads to those visitors who have left your site. Once retargeted with display ads, these visitors are 70% more likely to convert on your site.

To make your retargeting program more effective, you need to define your guidelines using these retargeting checklists:

4. Work On Your Website! Please..........

Yes, it is true, dropshipping allows you to cut corners and cost, but that doesn’t mean you should be doing the same with your website. Customer experience goes a long way to building trust, so make sure you put thought and effort into your home page, that your store is correctly optimized for the user and SEO, your product descriptions have substance and are error free, your product photos are good quality and your shipping and returns policies are clear.  You can Take a look at competitive, successful online stores in your niche for inspiration, consult eCommerce-friendly Facebook groups for great tips, and of course, make sure your store is optimized for conversions.

5. Do Your Math - Look At The Numbers First

When choosing a specific product, you will want to ensure that it’s at the right price point for the service you will be getting, that is has marketing potential, its profit capabilities, and that it is something not easily found in the areas you are selling in. To do that you’ll want to look at these two calculations:

  • Sales Revenue – Cost of Goods = Gross Profit  

  • (Gross Profit – Expenses) / Revenue = Profit Margin

The thing to remember, though, is not to underprice your products. Dropshipping allows you to get products at almost wholesale cost, meaning you should be pricing at or just below market value (depending on competition) in order to make a profit.

Bonus: Customer Service!!!

As we learned in last week’s eCommerce marketing trends post, conversational commerce is so hot right now. It should be no surprise that customer service is a dropshipper’s best friend. It allows you to win over your competitors in your niche, including big guys like Amazon. Making customers feel valued, respected and important not only pushes sales but grows your lifetime customer base. When it comes to customer service for dropshipping stores, it is important that they understand that you are responsible, that your customers’ wants and needs are important and that their happiness is your number-one priority.

Do you have other tips you want to share? Comment!

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