5 Dropshipping Product Research Tools

One problem every online store owner faces is the best product research tool to use or how to find best products to sell that will be a winner. You probably want one to find your next winning product for your dropshipping store, right? But which one to pick? There are so many product research tools out there. I have picked my best 7 in no particular order or ranking. These tools are just ones that i feel that you might want to use too.

1. Sell The Trend

This is a relatively new dropshipping product research tool. It contains so many different tools that it will blow your mind away for sure! You can use it to hunt products from aliexpress, amazon, and trends. There is also a facebook ads analyzer which might come in handy. It is not a free tool but there is a 7-day trial to see if it will be good for you. This research tool works best for international dropshipping.

2. Dropship Spy

They currently have 10 different tools in one subscription.

The one thing I personally don’t like with this kind of product research tools is that they add a few new winning products daily. For example, Dropship Spy says they add 5 new products each day.

I’m sure that they got a lot of subscribers. So what do you think happens with these few products? Exactly! They get saturated so fast. And then I’m not even talking about the fact that most people just import the information (like description, pricing, video ad, and so on) from these product research tools and don’t even try to be unique, but that’s not the problem of the product research tool that you use.

That’s the problem of new drop shippers that expect to be rich the next day! Even though the products might be seen by a lot of people; it’s still a great tool to get inspiration for the next product that you want to import to your dropshipping store!

And all the other tools inside Dropship Spy are definitely going to help you as well!

3. EcomHunt

Personally, I love this tool! it's amazing and one of the most trusted out there in the market. They help you with a lot of things related to the product that you want to sell. Each product has enough details like aliexpress links, Alibaba, facebook ads, eBay, Amazon links. Recently there is also an addition of Instagram influencers. Ecomhunt is around $20/month

4. Ecom Product Buddy

Ecom product buddy is a little bit different from all the tools mentioned. The Ecom product buddy is focused in the Philippines. It is owned by OJMD Dropshipping and it contains products that you can dropship in the Philippines using cash on delivery method. It is an amazing tool you should check if you plan to dropship in the Philippines market while offering cash on delivery. Ecom product buddy is priced at PHP1,500/month. There is also a Shopify app integration that you can use to import products right into your store in few clicks.

5. Ali Shark

AliShark is made by the creators of the popular countdown timer Shopify app Hurrify! it is an amazing app and it contains lots of data. One feature i love here is that you can filter products from aliexpress with videos. Alishark also provides historical information on product trends and growth. There is also a mini video creator in the app. The app also sources items from Aliexpress and Banggood. it is worth the try!

So that is the end of my list! Obviously there are a lot of tools out there and i cannot name them all such as sales source, niche scrapper and many others!

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