3 Retargeting You Should Use To Drive your Online Sales

Remarketing / Retargeting is an essential part of marketing. We all know that not everyone who visits your website once purchases immediately. Infact advertisers who remarket see an increase in sales by 65%. So how does this work?

When a potential customer browses your site, a cookie will be installed in his browser. This will ‘follow’ them as they browse on other sites and allow ad platforms to serve very specific ads – your site, or the product or service that they were looking at. This web retargeting strategy provides a way to re-engage anonymous users and is also called pixel-based marketing.

Another way to do this is through list-based or email remarketing. Advertisers provide their platforms with a list of email addresses (for example, those who abandoned their carts) so users can see ads of the same products the next time they browse on the internet.

These two are examples of how you can implement retargeting. Other retargeting techniques include retargeting on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), mobile apps, dynamic retargeting (personalized ads up to the specific product/service level), and search retargeting (retargeting based on keywords a customer used to search instead of website visits). Advertisers can choose to get the services of a ‘middle man’ (Adroll, Retargeter, Perfect Audience, etc) or to go directly to the exchanges (Google, Facebook, Twitter) to run their own retargeting campaigns.

So i have picked 4 best services you can use to boost your remarketing campaign:

1. Using Google Adwords

Google makes it easy for advertisers with existing Adwords account to start with a remarketing campaign. With Adwords’ retargeting solution, you can re-engage your audience when they visit sites part of the Google Display Network/Google Adsense, browse on YouTube, and use Android apps. Google offers CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions), CPC (Cost per Click), and CPA (Cost per Acquisition) pricing models.

First, you’ll have to create a remarketing list to define who should be shown the ads: are you looking at all visitors of your site or visitors of specific pages only? Next, create the new campaign and tag your site for remarketing. If you have a mobile site, you can also implement remarketing for your app.

Google offers different ways to remarket:

  • Normal Remarketing- refers to the standard way of following customers on the web using a cookie after the visitor viewed a web page. Then the customer gets a banner ad on a third-party website with a static offer.

  • Dynamic Remarketing - allows marketers to show ads up to the specific product level which the customer visited previously. Then the customer gets a banner on a third-party website, but in this case with dynamic banner, which contains visited products or items on visited pages.

  • Video remarketing - Video remarketing works on YouTube. If you wish to reach out to previous viewers of your video or those who subscribed to your channel, use the video remarketing solution.

  • Email Remarketing- If you have a huge list, You can Upload a list of your customers’ emails. Once customers sign in to their Gmail account, they will see your ads.

Read more about Google Display Remarketing Using AdWords

2. Facebook Retargeting with Custom Audiences

Facebook, second to Google is the largest advertising platform in the world and it have a huge audience you can mine and utilize.

Custom Audiences allows for flexibility too as you can create a separate list for audiences who have visited a particular page on your website or a more inclusive ‘website visitor’ category. Your list will be ready for use as soon as the pixel identifies 20 or more customers. Aside from website visitors, you can also create one based on your email subscription list and mobile app users.

3. Using Adroll

Adroll offers CPM pricing model and as stated on their support page, the company believes that CPM paired with a no minimum spend model maximizes the benefits for the advertiser. They recommend starting with a budget of $25 and from there, you can start gauging how much you will need for your campaigns.

Advertisers on Adroll cite their user interface as a big plus. It is simple to use and advertisers can easily do customer segmentation, ad management, and report generation on the dashboard. Here’s the sample page where you can create campaigns for the web or for FBX.

These are suggestions. There are other services like: ReTargeter, SiteScout & Perfect Audience

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