2 Overlooked LLA That Will Boost Your Sales

Yep, you heard that right! When we talk about look alike audiences we are talking about gold mines. Some say that is where the real money is and it is true to some extent. If you are reading this post, you should know what custom audience is. Well, incase you do not know, You can do a quick read on this post made by facebook

Alright, Back to my topic. In this article, you’ll discover how to create three highly tuned Facebook lookalike audiences from your most valuable custom audiences. When most people create LLAs, The go for Purchase, Add to carts, IC and more. Obviously these are wonderful audiences but there is something you might be missing in the audiences. I will now tell you the 2 audiences that will give your sales a boost!

#1: LLA Of Those Who Spend Time On Your Site

Time spent on site is valuable. Website traffic lookalike audiences are a popular way to remarket to people who have visited your website. However, many people aren’t using the full range of options for creating a custom audience, which you later use to create a lookalike audience.

The Time Spent parameter is especially effective when used in conjunction with people who visited your product pages. For instance, create a custom audience of the top 25% of visitors by time spent on a product page or category of product pages. (Note that for this tactic to work, it’s important to have your pixel installed and activated on your product pages.) Because this custom audience contains high-quality, warm visitors, it’s a strong foundation for a lookalike audience because the custom audience is sizable but specific.

Creating The Audience:

Go to your audience manager and click on custom audiences and select the website visitors option

Now, When the parameters window opens, choose to create an audience based on Visitors By Time Spent and then select Top 25%. You also need to select a time period. The default is 30 days, but if you have lots of traffic, you can test a shorter time period to create a very specific audience. Additionally, enter the URL of the page whose visitors you want to target. Now you can select the specific page URL of the product you are trying to scale and enter the url in the box.

After this step is complete, you can create the lookalike audience based on your custom audience. To create a lookalike, your current custom audiences should or needs to have at least 100 people. If you don’t have enough people for a custom audience based on a product page, you could always create a custom audience that includes visits to all product pages or all pages on your website.

Creating A LLA or Look Alike Audience Of Visitors By Time Spent

To create an LLA of the recent audience, You go to your audience manager and click on the custom audience you just created and then select the create look alike option from the dialog box that pops from the right.

After you click Create Audience, your lookalike audience is ready to use. Now you not only have a list of the people most engaged with your product pages, but also a lookalike audience of people who have similar attributes as those in your custom audience. Both of these audiences are incredibly high-quality audiences to use for targeting. You may now run conversion ads using this 6 audiences and a CBO campaign and judge the results

#2: Build a Lookalike Of 75% Video Views

With engagement custom audiences, you can target people who have already engaged with your content. Creating a lookalike audience based on this custom audience allows you to reach out to people who have behaviors similar to your engaged audience and increase your chances of further engagement and sales.

Whereas website custom audiences focus on actions the Facebook pixel records on your website, engagement custom audiences focus on actions taken within Facebook apps and services. Also, the ad reach will be constantly updated. In my experience, the best engagement audiences are based on videos. Video engagement is becoming increasingly popular and is expected to represent more than 75% of mobile data by 2021.

To create an audience that reflects the highest-quality video engagement, apply the 75% viewing metric to your audience. This tells Facebook to include people who have viewed at least 75% of your video (including people who skipped to the 75% point in your video’s length).

The 75% viewing metric is a good way to identify the people most interested in your brand. It’s also a great way to qualify a cold audience and use them to build a solid source audience from which you can build a strong lookalike audience. Depending on your market and business, the 50% and 95% viewing metrics are also worth split testing along with the 75% option.

The best way to see how valuable these lookalikes are is to split test them against your usual website lookalike or data upload to see the difference in results. You can expect to see higher basket values. By making simple changes and taking a little extra care when creating your lookalikes, these three audiences are all highly likely to produce impressive results.

So go ahead and try these audiences and share your ideas! These are just little out of many ways!

Have you tried using any of these lookalike audiences? How have they performed compared to more common types of lookalikes? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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