10 Ways To Promote Your Product

So you found this product and you are so happy, Set up your online store and then it is time to promote it. Once you’re up and running, it’s time to start driving traffic to your store and closing sales. Whether you’re trying to make some sales or you’ve been open for business for a while, it’s always good to find more ways to promote your products. \

Here are 10 ways you can promote your product.

1. Email Marketing

Yes. Email is one of the most consistently effective channels for acquiring new customers. And while channels like search can take a while to start generating organic traffic, Email works almost instantly.

There’s no need to spend all your time writing and sending emails. Make it easy, Set up automated emails:

  • Emailing new subscribers and offering them an incentive to shop.

  • Emailing new customers a post-sale email to upsell and delight.

  • Emailing visitors who abandoned and reminding them to finish their purchase.

2. Set Up Affiliate Program Or Loyalty Program

Affiliate programs typically work by creating a custom URL for each person promoting your products. They can share this link on social media, in a blog post reviewing your product, or even in Youtube where they’re showing it off. Through the custom links, you’ll be able to track who is driving sales for you so you can compensate them.

A little bit of education is usually helpful if you plan on introducing affiliates. Remember: they’re promoting your products for you, so in some sense they’re handling a marketing function of your business. If you don’t provide best practices, they’ll make up their own. There some apps in the Shopify app store that will help you with this.

3. Pinterest

This is a great avenue. You can drive free traffic from Pinterest. Pinterest is the place to be if you want to buy or sell products online. 93% of active pinners say they use Pinterest to plan purchases. Not surprisingly, many people use Pinterest to build wish lists. This makes it a great place to promote products.

4. Facebook Custom Audiences

This is a great avenue, With Facebook Custom Audiences, you can advertise to your website visitors or email subscribers. These ads tend to be very effective because you know more about who you’re targeting and can tailor your ad accordingly.

Custom audience offers very targeted options for running paid ads. Facebook Custom Audiences in particular, is a useful way to advertise a product.

5. Search Engine Optimization

A long term investment but highly effective search strategy involves a number of steps, from forming a keyword strategy, to conducting more granular keyword research, to optimizing your site architecture and performance (e.g. category pages), to building links back to your website. Like I said, it’s an uphill battle, but it’s one you can fight in the background as your store starts to gain traction.

6. Uncrate

Uncrate is one of many product curation websites with a massive, loyal following. The people who frequent Uncrate don’t just like looking at cool products, they like to buy them too. Getting your product featured on Uncrate can drive significant sales and lead to other press opportunities down the road.

Getting featured on Uncrate isn’t easy. There’s no formal process, but one thing is certain: your product has to be cool to make the cut. Some companies get discovered by Uncrate, but others have had success after contacting the company to tell them about their product, or even sending them a sample.

7. Referral Or WOM Marketing

Referral marketing, also known as word of mouth marketing, is one of the oldest marketing methods around. Referral marketing is all about getting other people to talk about your product in a way that will drive awareness and sales.

8. Utilize And Reach Out To Bloggers

Blogger outreach is a great way to build prestige around your product and get it in front of interested shoppers. Ask authoritative bloggers to feature or review your product. If they have an engaged audience that trusts their opinion, it could drive a lot of traffic and sales.

9. Instagram Marketing ( Ads & Influencers )

Instagram has over 400 million active users and its visual focus is perfect for promoting products. Half of those users are on Instagram every day. Any brand would do well to share their products on this network.

There are several ways to use Instagram to promote your store. You can share captivating images of your products, share a stop motion video of one of your products in action, run a contest, or reach out to influential Instagram accounts and ask them to share your product.

10. YouTube Marketing

Surely, YouTube has become one of the world’s largest search engines for finding fresh content. What’s more, YouTube videos can also rank in traditional search engines like Google. This presents a huge traffic opportunity.

Here, You don’t need to create a viral to get results on YouTube. You can still promote your products with interesting or helpful videos. Many people may already be looking for your products or brand on YouTube. By creating a branded channel, with your own videos, you can control the narrative. You can also take advantage of YouTube influencers.

Know more avenues? Let us know in the comments.

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