3 months done in 2021 or almost done and most of us are still wowing at the effect of the latest changes occurring in eCommerce since the start of the year! YES, we were all affected but that is one thing, the other thing is finding a way out of it which is the best way to respond. Hence, here comes a mastermind for you! 

They say 2 heads is better than 1. This is why i have called upon all or almost or most of the capable hands in eCommerce with proven track records to jump on and share their knowledge. This is not some kind of 10hr long single boring talk. No, the objective is to share practical methods on how to navigate the now stormy advertising and eCommerce world. 

Over the course of 30 days or most of April 2021, you will be listening to these speakers on selected days and dates and you will get the chance to learn, interact and ask questions to them and avail of their more intensive programs if they have any. 


A lot of topics will be discussed by different coaches and you will get the chance to ask your questions with them for clarification, advice or more! Some of the covered topics will be: 

  • Facebook Ads 

  • Google Ads 

  • SEO For Online Stores 

  • Lazada Dropshipping 

  • Shopee Dropshipping 

  • Chat Bots 

  • Online Store Optimization 

  • Conversational Marketing

  • And many more................


The schedules will be announced once we finalize the speaker list on Monday, March 22, 2021. However, you can reserve your spot before then. 


First of all, the event is not for everyone and we do have a limited slot for this since it's an online webinar. Although the venue will be decided after we have the final headcount. 

How much is it? I know you have been thinking about it looking at the list of speakers available! Well, do not panic. We want to make this work and itis no easy job getting these speakers to give us their time but they are happy to share their services and share in the process. All the speakers have or have their own companies, courses, training or programs and if you will be getting into it one by one, you need a lot of money for that. So this mastermind gives you the option to listen to them and get the chance to grab some golden nuggets in the process! Hence, the price for this masterclass is dependent on the headcount. Information will be shared via email. Attendees can have the option to secure a record version of the event for a fee as well.

How to watch? All you need to do is to sign up and the links to the webinar will be sent to you 3hrs before the time every day or every schedule. 

How to Join? To Join, you need to fill the form below and provide the needed information. We will now reach out to you via email for payment and register your spot for the webinar. Filling the form does not mean you are registered. You are completely registered after payment and we only have 100 participants per session. First come first serve only


We are still in the process of finalizing the list of speakers for this amazing event! Due to holidays, the first webinar of the month will take place on the 5th of April. Here is a complete list of the speakers and companies attending. - List will be updated as it increases

  1. Sam Ureta

  2. Walter Rogon

  3. Darwin Balaswit

  4. Marielle Tiano

  5. Trixie Targoda

  6. Kat Abriz

  7. Kherk Roldan

  8. Ruben Angelo .C.

  9. Edward Gaulter 

  10. Dijae Dadula

  11. Gen Valdez

  12. Dropify 

  13. Bilis Benta Dropshipping 

  14. Byaheros Express

  15. Byaheros DropX Dropshipping 

  16. OJMD Solutions Philippines (co-host)

  17. Stratsquad

  18. ChatGenie PH

  19. Lyka.PH

  20. Seller Gateway

  21. FH Moms

  22. Shop Local PH