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A 23y/o Entrepreneur with a fighting spirit and serious perseverance. So here is a little bit of his story... Well, my own story haha.


A Nigerian national coming from a family of 10 - Yep TEN. Loves taking a risk and trying out new things. Growing up i had this dream of becoming a pilot and fly those big things hundreds of feet above sea level but anyway sometimes dreams do not come true as they say. At the same time i loved computers and the internet - Like we were in a serious relationship.


I love travelling, Back in Nigeria when i finished high school in 2010 ( We observe the K12 system there ), I wanted to travel because i want to leave home. The educational system in Nigeria not being so good, I took a vocational course in computer networking. During this time i started building websites or mini website and playing around with my HTML skills. One time in 2012 i discovered Shopify while trying to create an eCommerce store. So i started learning about this robust and wonderful CMS. My love for Shopify grew as time went on. I started working for my uncle and passing time because i want to travel and study abroad where i know that there is quality education.


In 2014, Around July, i discovered what Dropshipping is, Being an interesting business model it couldn't work for me in Nigeria because of 2 main reasons. Shipping from China to Nigeria and also Payment methods so that was a setback. I continued learning and setting up stores for clients. I started applying for visas, been to several countries but i loved Philippines Ahah, I just wanted to go there as i have heard many stories. I got my Philippines one year later.


Fast forward to 2015. With my Philippines visa obtained in December 2015 - A beautiful country. Well, it was so nice that i did not enrol until June 2016. I became a student at the Technological Institute of the Philippines BSIT. Now that i arrived in the Philippines i was able to use PayPal and get a bank account, I got back to Drop shipping and started building my store. Of course, i encountered failures in my first few stores but i kept learning and moving forward. Now i am an independent student and i support myself, pay my tuition and what i need.


Phew, That was long. Well, that is a little bit about me. Growing in drop-shipping i also made friends with like-minded people and i can say i never regretted coming to the Philippines. Meet my friends.

Thank you for reading.