A 25y/o Entrepreneur. Founder of OJMD Solutions / OJMD Dropshipping Philippines -  with a fighting spirit and serious perseverance. So here is a little bit of his story... Well, my own story haha.


A Nigerian national coming from a family of 10 - Yep TEN. Loves taking a risk and trying out new things. Growing up I had this dream of becoming a pilot and fly those big things hundreds of feet above sea level but anyway sometimes dreams do not come true as they say. At the same time, I loved computers and the internet - Like we were in a serious relationship.


I love traveling, Back in Nigeria when I finished high school in 2010 ( We observe the K12 system there ), I wanted to travel because I want to leave home. The educational system in Nigeria not being so good, I took a vocational course in computer networking. During this time I started building websites or mini websites and playing around with my HTML skills. One time in 2012 I discovered Shopify while trying to create an eCommerce store. So I started learning about this robust and wonderful CMS. My love for Shopify grew as time went on. I started working for my uncle and passing time because I want to travel and study abroad where I know that there is quality education.


In 2014, Around July, I discovered what Dropshipping is, Being an interesting business model it couldn't work for me in Nigeria because of 2 main reasons. Shipping from China to Nigeria and also Payment methods so that was a setback. I continued learning and setting up stores for clients. I started applying for visas, been to several countries but I loved the Philippines Ahah, I just wanted to go there as I have heard many stories. I got my Philippines visa one year later.


Fast forward to 2015. With my Philippines visa obtained in December 2015 - A beautiful country. Well, it was so nice that I did not enroll until June 2016. I became a student at the Technological Institute of the Philippines BSIT. Now that I arrived in the Philippines I was able to use PayPal and get a bank account, I got back to Dropshipping and started building my store. Of course, I encountered failures in my first few stores but I kept learning and moving forward. Now I am an independent student and I support myself, pay my tuition, and what I need.

Over the years in the Philippines, I have contributed to the eCom space in the country. Alongside my partner, we created OJMD Solutions to provide eCom solutions to starting entrepreneurs. Fast track that till today, OJMD has become a prominent name when it comes to eCommerce in the Philippines. We have created various branches of OJMD.  Namely:  OJMD University, OJMD eMail Hosting service, Ecom Product Buddy, OJMD Dropshipping Philippines. We were also the first to launch a dropshipping app in the country offering to dropship with Cash on delivery - Something that I cannot believe until now. 

Today, OJMD powers over 200+ eCommerce stores in the Philippines. Helping them with logistics, fulfillment, sourcing, or anything we can offer! 


Phew, That was long. Well, that is a little bit about me. Growing in drop-shipping I also made friends with like-minded people and I can say I never regret coming to the Philippines. Meet my friends.

Thank you for reading.

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