Joseph started out as a student - entrepreneur back in 2016 when he arrived in the Philippines, During his stay in the Philippines, he studied BS Information technology at the Technological Institute of the Philippines in Quezon city 

Joseph learnt about dropshipping in 2015 before arriving in the Philippines by December of the same year. At that time, he was only doing international dropshipping using Shopify, Aliexpress and Google ads. Joseph picked interest in the Philippines local market in 2016 and in 2017 he launched his first local store and created the Philippines eCommerce & Dropshipping Community group on Facebook.

Over the years, Joseph has helped a lot of Filipinos launch their online business through dropshipping in the Philippines. In 2017, Joseph launched the OJMD company with his ex-partner and OJMD became the first Shopify dropshipping company in the Philippines. 

He believes in problem-solving and continuous innovation and has launched various other apps and services in the country. 

Despite all challenges as a foreign national, Joseph is determined to keep changing Filipino lives by introducing them to entrepreneurship. 

Today, Joseph is the founder of the biggest eCommerce Facebook group in the Philippines. He is also dedicated to creating more and more eCommerce solutions to help Filipino SMEs. Some of his current establishments are:


  • DropX - A start-up Dropshipping company launched in October 2021

  • TFE Commerce Solutions, Inc - aA start-up tech company focused on creating automated solutions to PH eCommerce issues and problems 

  • LaunchX - A startup automated fulfilment center in the Philippines